Career transition client - June 2018

With Rachael’s coaching, I have been able to create a CV and LinkedIn profile I am proud to send out to potential employers, and have gained the confidence to apply for jobs that I would not have applied for otherwise. Rachael was excellent at listening to me talk about my skills and experience gained through my studies and career to date, and helping me to piece all of the information together into once concise summary. The skills I have learnt from Rachael are invaluable. I could not have wished for a better career coach - I would highly recommend her.

Career transition client - May 2019

Consulting Rachael is quite simply one of the best career moves I have ever made. When I met Rachael I was somewhat confused as to where my true strengths really lay and in need of a confidence boost. It was so refreshing to be able to speak frankly about my experience, skills and aspirations with the help of a seasoned people & capability professional. Adjusting my CV was only the beginning of the help Rachael gave me. By the time our sessions were over I was able to articulate my career priorities, identify the defining elements of a suitable employer, and focus on opportunities that made the most of my strengths.

Career transition client - August 2019

As a professional re-evaluating the direction of my management career, Rachael’s guidance and coaching allowed me to identify a path that would achieve my professional ambitions while maintaining a busy life outside of work. The holistic and structured approach, with access to resources and tools, allowed me to focus on the particular roles and organisations which were a fit with this path, as well as providing me with the confidence that the effort invested would achieve success. I highly recommend Rachael’s service.

Career transition client - February 2020

I recently was very pleased to engage Rachael to assist me with my career path and refreshing my CV. I had previously not met Rachael and was made a referral to her. Her approach enabled me to review my style of management and help me better understand my values and what motivates me. Rachael was able to make me reflect on my career achievements and highlight some wider impacts and benefits. I found Rachael great to work with and really appreciate her professionalism and style of working. I would be more than happy to engage her services again, and have no hesitation in making a recommendation. 

Career transition client - March 2020

I had been searching for a some help with my future career path for a long time. I found Rachael Bryant just before we went into our emergency lock down March 2020. I chose to work with her on-line, it was perfect timing, giving me the time to explore 'ME'. I didn't know what to expect, but Rachael was just what I needed, she really challenged me to ask all the questions that I was blocking or avoiding. 'What do you really want in your life?'. Luckily I was prepared & ready to take a hard look at myself. I also tried to do my homework. I now feel I have a new self awareness, I am seeing my future in a different more positive light. If you want to change your work situation or even just understand yourself better, I fully recommend starting here!


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