What would you choose if you could do whatever you wanted?

Secondary students:

In your senior secondary school years it becomes important to start thinking about subject choice carefully and consider how this will create the kind of direction you'd like to take when you leave school.  It can be confusing and scary, particularly if you feel unsure and are concerned about making choices that may limit your options in the future.  I can help you identify study choices that will support you towards career goals that are right for you, by uncovering the unique factors about you and your career identity so that you can move confidently towards your future.

Tertiary students:

As a young adult undertaking study and preparing to embark on your career, you may feel unsure of your next steps, what's happening in the world of work at the moment and where you'll fit in.  You may be uncertain about what your study will lead to, and in some cases even whether you want to work in the field your current study is focused on. 

I work with you to help you learn about yourself and explore potential career directions, ensuring your choices are founded on a strong position of self knowledge, an understanding of the world of work today, and how you can build towards create and sustain the career that you want.

Helping you make the right study and career decisions.

Rachael Bryant | Career Coach | Hamilton & Tauranga


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