Job search strategies and resources

Recommended reading

For individuals:

Heather Carpenter - Your 21st Century Career

Roman Krznaric - How to Find Fulfilling Work

Michelle Gibbings - Career Leap: How to Reinvent and Liberate Your Career

For parents:

Heather Carpenter - The Career Maze

Teen brain development:

Self assessment tools

There are many types of self assessment tools available.  “Career/career personality tests” should not be seen as stand-alone tools as they are only one piece of the “puzzle”  and should be considered as part of a wider process of self understanding and career development coaching.

Working with a career coach is important to help make sense of all the information and resources, helping you to clarify directions and support your decision making process.

The following are general tools that can help support self awareness and learning about aspects of yourself that can help you to understand what sort of career may help you "find your purpose".

Gallup Strength Finder tool for youth 10-14 years ($USD9.99)
Gallup Strength Finder tool for adults ($USD19.99)

Take the free VIA Character Survey to discover your character strengths
or the Character Survey for children

The Holland Code career inventory looks at which jobs are likely to suit your interests, talents, and aptitude ($USD19)

Rachael Bryant | Career Coach | Hamilton & Tauranga


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