Career development support

Your team members can sometimes need help determining their pathways and directions in which they wish to develop and grow to further their career with you.  I can work with them to identify their strengths, motivations, aspirations and developmental goals to support their retention and continued growth, aligned with your talent and succession planning processes.

Also during times of change, I can help support decision making processes with team members, for example where they are making decisions about internal opportunities vs departure from the business.

Career transition support

It's never easy to implement a change in business that results in roles being made disestablished.

I offer sensitive, practical individual or group coaching to support people who are making a career transition under these circumstances.

Coaching programmes cover:

  • Change and resilience - gaining the confidence and skills to respond and deal effectively with the change process
  • Understanding self - values, motivators, aspirations, interests
  • Identifying key achievements and transferable skills
  • Awareness of market and value
  • Exploring options/alternatives
  • Personal branding and tools - CV, social media profiles
  • Job search strategy
  • Interview techniques and preparation
  • Action planning

Individual and team learning and development solutions.

I also work with individuals, teams and organisations, offering customised learning and development programmes to enhance enjoyment, performance and success.

Rachael Bryant | Career Coach | Hamilton & Tauranga


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